About Us


We extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this web site whether you have firm plans for a trip to Scotland and Ireland in the next year or are just browsing for information regarding a possible visit some time in the future. In either event we hope that this web site will provide you with some useful free information and that you will decide to use our services when the time comes to make all the arrangements.

About Tayleur Mayde

This company was founded by, and managed by, golfers for golfers. Both the owners of the business and the senior tour managers are members of well known Scottish Golf Clubs (Gullane & Muirfield to name but 2) and are keen players of the game. This, combined with the knowledge that has been built up over 9 years of arranging golf tours, means that we are ideally placed to ask you to trust us to make all the arrangements necessary to ensure that your special vacation goes smoothly.

We are members of Golf Tourism Scotland (GTS). This is an umbrella body for the golf tourism industry in Scotland. Since its creation in 2005 Golf Tourism Scotland has been building both its membership levels and public profile with the aim of raising Scotland's golf tourism game in areas of product development and marketing and other generic tourism areas such as travel, training and research and monitoring. GTS encourages a Code of Conduct.

We are also members of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), Membership number 900193902.

We also carry all necessary Liability and Negligence insurance as determined by the European Union for Tour Operators and clients funds are kept in an escrow account until after their tour is complete.

Finally too many brochures and web sites have comments from past clients about how well their holidays have been organised but you have no way of knowing how genuine these are. We have none of those. Instead we can put you directly in touch with the past (and some still current) clients who will be only too happy to reassure of our ability to organise a tour and our viability.

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